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How to tell if your face oil is expired

You’d never drink from an expired carton of milk, but why do skincare products’ expiry dates often go forgotten? Just like food and drink, beauty products also have expiry dates. Expired face oils are at best ineffective, and at worst a cause of irritation, infection and breakouts. Here’s how to tell if your face oil is expired:

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1. Change in appearance

How does your oil look? Is it the same colour as when you bought it? A change in colour is a key indicator that it could be time to dispose of your oil. Over time you may notice a sediment forming at the bottom of the bottle —this can happen in winter when temperatures get colder and doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to throw your oil away.

2. Change in smell

It could be time to bin your oil if it doesn’t smell as fresh as it once did— however, it’s important to bear in mind that various ingredients will naturally have their own scent. Visit our ingredients index for more information on the scents and lipid profiles of the ingredients we use!

3. Best before date

This one may seem like a given but we’re all guilty of using products longer than we should because we don’t want to waste them, right? Good news: our facial oils will remain fresh, active and suitable to use for a whole year. If you have any specific questions about your oil and its best before date, please get in touch with us here.

Caring for your face oil

For long-lasting freshness, be sure to store your oil properly. Keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and remember to shut the lid tightly after each use. Also remember to never touch the dropper directly to your skin (seriously, we can’t stress this enough!) as that introduces moisture from your face to the bottle and can speed the process of it going bad.

Got any questions about your Atypical face oil? Be sure to reach out to us here.

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