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Atypical Cosmetics raises a six-figure pre-seed round led by SFC Capital to help people customise their skincare with AI.

Founded by a solo female founder and launched during the pandemic, Glasgow-based Atypical Cosmetics is revolutionising how people shop for skincare.

Their online customisation platform learns about your skin type and needs before formulating a made-to-order skincare blend for your unique skin.

By combining data and skincare, Atypical creates the ideal skincare blend for each person, with every ingredient in your blend chosen especially for you.

“Atypical was born out of the belief that we are all unique. Our skin is more than just dry, oily or normal, and we wanted to create skincare formulas that can be customised to people’s different needs,” commented Marwa Ebrahim, founder of Atypical. “Atypical is proof that technology and data can address the niche needs of a diverse population to help people find suitable data-driven skincare.”

With a focus on sustainability, transparency and celebrating individuality, Atypical’s AI algorithms produce customised face oils that are 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free and palm oil-free.


Not sure how to choose the best ingredients for your skin? Take our skin quiz and we’ll customise the perfect ingredient blend for your skin type!

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