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Combat Winter Skin with Argan Oil


Why does our skin get drier in the winter?

Dry skin is a common problem throughout the year but especially during the winter months. This is when our skin is exposed to cold temperatures and low levels of moisture in the air. Cold, harsh, outdoor weather can strip the skin of its natural, moisturising oils, and popping on indoor heating isn’t much better as this pushes moisture out of our rooms causing a drop in humidity.


What do I do?

Moisture is essential for the skin barrier to perform well and replenish dry and damaged skin. Our top tip? Keep a consistent, simple skincare routine when treating dry skin to avoid overloading the skin with unnecessary products. Our secret weapon absorbs quickly and does not leave an oily residue, moisturising even the driest of skin types.


Introducing ‘Argan Oil’

Argan Oil is a well-loved ingredient at Atypical HQ with its ability to help a range of skin types and is a great addition for both morning and night! Without getting too technical, Argan Oil is packed with linoleic fatty acids, vitamin E, oleic and squalane which moisturise the skin, soften dry patches, and can even reduce acne (amazing, huh?) This mini-miracle happens because these properties serve as an antioxidant and mimic the skin’s natural oils. This reduces the damage to skin cells, improving overall skin texture to give that smooth, hydrated complexion that we all want.


Now you know why we love it so much!


We like to pair our Argan Oil with Rosehip and Marula to further quench and soften dry winter skin to build up your skin’s barrier. If you would like to shop this specific blend click the button below!


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