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Can I use face oil if I have oily skin?

Cracking down on this common misconception

face oil for oily skin

I know what you’re thinking, “Adding MORE oils to my already oily skin will only make it worse!”. This is a valid concern and while it may seem strange, there are specific oils that are very beneficial for balancing an oily complexion. If you find yourself wondering ‘can I use face oil if I have oily skin?’ then read on!

What causes oily skin?

The kind of oil your body produces is called sebum, and in the right amount, serves as a natural shield and moisturiser for the skin (not all oil is bad oil!). However, when the body produces excess amounts, sebum can clog your pores which can result in acne, congestion, blemishes and a shiny complexion. This over-production can be hormonally inflicted or genetic or a sign of dry skin, so there are ways to keep it at bay. 

The common misconception 

For those who suffer with oily skin there is the temptation to keep it as dry as possible through over-cleansing and over-exfoliating. Striping your skin of its natural oils does the exact opposite of what you want it to do! Over cleansing dries your skin and causes your sebaceous glands to overproduce sebum due to the lack of moisture and hydration, ultimately making your skin look shiny. 

There is nothing wrong with a double-cleanse (this is actually a good method) BUT we urge you to stop neglecting moisturisers and face oils—these make a real difference.

Can you use face oil on oily skin?

YES! The sebum that your skin produces is different to the ingredients that are in your face oils. This means that the excess oil on your t-zone does NOT replace oils in your skin-care routine.

The oils in your face oil serum absorb quickly and lock in moisture whilst infusing the skin with the nutrients that keep it healthy. Just 2-4 drops of your oil after your morning cleanse will hydrate your skin and prevent a greasy texture or shine. 

Which face oil is best for oily skin?

Different formulas and ingredients and best for different skin types, so the key is to pick the right face oil serum for your specific needs!

This blend of our customised face oil is the most commonly customised blend by people with an oily skin type. It contains dryer oils like Argan and Marula that are hydrating but still light and easily absorbed by the skin. 

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