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Should you use face oil before or after moisturiser?

Answering the face oil dilemma

Move aside chicken and the egg, there is a new dilemma in town! ‘Should you use face oil before or after moisturiser?’ is the newest beauty debate and it’s starting to get complicated. If you’re still confused, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s learn how to properly layer the two, and put the ‘face oils before or after moisturiser’ conundrum to rest. 

Face oil vs. Moisturiser: What comes first?

When applying your skin-care routine it’s always good practice to follow the directions on the product you’re using. But, there is a golden rule for when you should apply your face oil! Generally speaking, you’ll want to apply your face oil as the LAST step in your routine (ever heard of “thinnest to thickest”?).

Why should oil be applied after moisturiser?

Even though oils sometimes can seem thin in consistency, they are actually the heaviest product in your routine. Moisturisers are part water and part oil so they help your skin retain moisture, whereas oils lock it in. So if you choose to use both a face oil and moisturiser, then your face oil goes on last to lock in moisture.

With Atypical, you don’t need to use a moisturiser with your face oil serum. 

When planning out your skin-care routine you’ll want to use all water-based products FIRST. But remember, with Atypical, your customised serum will contain the right amount of hydrating ingredients and extracts to suit your skin so that you don’t need to use any other products or moisturisers. Just apply your customised face oil serum after cleansing and that’s it!

Need a face oil?

Don’t worry- we’ve got your covered. Take our short quiz to get a customised face oil that’s made for your skin.

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