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The Perfect Gift.

 Choosing the perfect gift is difficult, especially when you’re not sure what someone needs. At Atypical we make gifting skincare easy by allowing you to send someone a digital gift card of skincare they can customise themselves. Just fill in the fields below, enter the recipient’s name and email, include a personal message and place your order. Your recipient will immediately receive an email gift voucher inviting them to customise their skincare gift. Once they customise their gift, we’ll take care of shipping* it to them.

*Cost of shipping is included in the price of the digital gift voucher. At the moment, Atypical can only ship gifts to the UK.


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Frequently asked questions.

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When will the recipient receive the digital gift voucher?

Your recipient will be emailed their digital gift voucher immediately after you complete the checkout process and pay for your order.

Do digital gift vouchers expire?

No, our digital gift vouchers do not have an expiry date and can be used at any time.

Can digital vouchers be returned or refunded?

The gift vouchers themselves cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash. If within 30 days of receiving their customised skincare the recipient is unhappy with their product, we will offer them a free one time reformulation. 

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